Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The SCAMMERS forced me ask for HELP

Hello everyone!

Today I come here to expose the plight that some PTC sites forced me. I trusted them and so did the update of membership. But when I hit the goal to make the request for payment, I saw that they did not meet their payments. They are most likely SCAM sites.
So, I am forced to ask for your financial help to meet my basic needs: food, telephone and electricity.
I promise to return all donations received from October. For this, you just have to indicate the identity of your PayPal account or another way of your choice wich is able to transfer funds.
Alternatively, you can indicate a humanitarian organization which will restore your donations. I promise that from October this year I will be able to repay you your kindness.
To make a donation click the PayPal button.

Thank you.